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Company Background

Lerac Pty Ltd is the sole builder for Homeprop Pty Ltd. Homeprop Pty Ltd is a property developer in the Chapel Hill, Brisbane area and contracts special architectural houses to be built on a selection of its prime lots.


Lerac Pty Ltd is also the sole builder for office complexes for Carstep Pty Ltd. Carstep Pty Ltd owns commercial office blocks around the greater Brisbane area.


Lerac Pty Ltd was registered in July 2001 by its founder, Carl von Vivenot, who has over 35 years experience in property and construction. The company is based in Brisbane, Australia, central to its current activities. Based just 8 kilometres from the city centre, the company is centrally located to the property portfolio, some of which are located up to 75 kilometres from the city centre.


The company activities are extremely diverse and successfully completed projects include office buildings, medical centres, multi-level developments, luxury homes and civil development works and property management where required.


The company has focused primarily on larger projects where the main consideration is functionality, luxury and attention to detail. To achieve exceptional finish levels the company chooses to build fewer but finer prestigious homes when housing is required. Completed projects can be found in some of Brisbane?s most desirable locations. The largest residence constructed to date measures 840 square meters while the smallest came in at a modest 330 square meters.


Having completed commercial office buildings, Lerac Pty Ltd also undertakes Property Management, Maintenance and Landscaping. The landscaping for each project is individually designed to suit the location and requirements of the surrounding area. As a Commercial Builder of highly functional and attractive office complexes, the focus is on packaging high energy efficiency and cost effective buildings in the most attractive package possible with a focus on low maintenance.


On the civil side, a 22 lot development in Chapel Hill, has been completed with the same passion for perfection as is shown to all work undertaken and supervised. Named 'Henrii Lane' after the species of spotted gum that was prevalent on the site, sales commenced March 2014.


As a significant landowner, the company develops projects that enhance the use of existing and developing infrastructure. Innovative projects that become some of the more sought after residential locations in Brisbane.


A further 10 Lot development will commence earthworks in 2015. All works and infrastructure installation will be managed by the company. This development should be complete for the market late 2016.


Additions and alterations do not form a large part of the company's activities but can be undertaken where the scope of the project seen to fit the company's image. The successful completion of a 250 square meter extension to a luxury residence is one such example.



The unique strength of the company lies in the experience of its directors and the fact that combined operations and project management encompass all aspects of the building and construction life cycle. Throughout the entire building process from planning to construction, cost management is carefully analysed ensuring the best quality for the best price is always selected.


This mindset ultimately ensures a more cost effective and value added result allowing longevity while not compromising on quality.